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Engaging Students, Families, Schools, and Communities

Our Mission

Northeastern Illinois University's Center for College Access and Success works with all stakeholders in our educational partner communities.

Create a Community of Learners

We give students the opportunity to participate in a variety of college access programs and tour college campuses. Students learn about new careers while exploring robotics and science, writing stories, and making art.  They gain self-confidence as they improve their academic abilities and envision a different, brighter future. They develop the skills needed to apply, transition and eventually graduate from college.

Summer Academies I Saturday & After-School Programs I Scholarships | Freshman Connection I Literacy Initiatives I College/University Visits

Engage the Family in Student Success

Our programs open doors for family members to fulfill their important role in their children’s success. The goal is for parents

to create a college-going culture in their home and view college graduation as a reality for their children and themselves. Our workshops explore diverse ways parents can be a positive influence on their child's education.

Parent University I CenterSpace Workshops I Parent Advocates |

Parent Leadership Conference I College Visits I Book Clubs


Inspire Teachers as Professionals

Teacher professional development is central to our work.  We are careful to build relationships, while making sure the learning is relevant. We explore content and provide the opportunity for reflection through the process of inquiry-based learning. We treat teachers as what they are, professional educators.

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Units for Books I Opportunities for Advanced Degrees

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