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The Center for College Access and Success (CCAS) is Northeastern Illinois University's educational outreach center to PreK-12 schools and their communities in the Chicago area.


NEIU Dual Enrollment

Summer/Fall 2024






Free College Classes for High School 



Northeastern Illinois University’s College of Arts and Sciences is offering a great opportunity for high school students to get an early college experience, supported by scholarships! Experience college class rigor at NEIU this summer and/ or fall as a high school student.


Dual Enrollment Overview


You’ll earn 3 credits on a NEIU transcript (and are widely transferable to many other institutions). You’ll be taking a real college course with NEIU students, supported by NEIU advisors and staff to optimize your success; and you will have access to the library and student services like any other NEIU student. You’ll connect with other motivated high school students from around the city



STEAM Pathways Initiative 


Academy Spring 2024


Enrolled at Back of the Yards College Preparatory High School, Benito Juarez Community Academy, Solorio Academy High School, Thomas Kelly College Preparatory High School, or Instituto of Health Science Career Academy


First-generation college-bound, and/or (3) income eligible                                

NEIU CCAS STEAM Pathways Initiative has opened the application for our Saturday STEAM Academy Spring 2024.

If you know a high school student interested, passionate, or just curious about Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics, this program is for them.

The program is completely free and offers the following:

  • Receive a stipend of participation of $425.00

  • Receive transportation from school to our University

  • Receive a certificate of participation

  • Become eligible for our 6-week summer program in 2024

  • Become eligible for our national and international STEM leadership trips (FREE)



STEAM Pathways Initiative 

ASM Code Challenge Academy

FREE opportunity for Teens and it comes with a STIPEND.

Interested in STEM and Computer Science?


Are you interested in the world of technology and would like to learn more about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automations, then this is the program for you.


Join us as we explore computer science and its connection to social impact in the environment. You will be able to have hands-on experience with cutting edge technology and current career paths.

This program is a collaboration between NEIU Pathways Initiatives of CCAS, Exelon Foundation Green Lab Grant and After School Matters

CCAS TRIO Upward Bound STEAM Leadership Academy in Puerto Rico - Spring 2023

The STEAM Leadership Academy in Puerto Rico provides First Generation College Bound students interested in

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics the opportunity to engage in leading an academic project in

Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (underwater robots) with other high school students from Puerto Rico

and other states. 

The project also provides teens with an immersion experience of Puerto Rico' history, Culture and Heritage.

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