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The Center for College Access and Success (CCAS) is Northeastern Illinois University's educational outreach center to PreK-12 schools and their communities in the Chicago area.


STEAM Pathways Initiative 


NEIU receives 2023 Exelon Green Lab Award for STEAM Learning at NEIU El Centro. 


Northeastern Illinois University is honored to receive the 2023 Exelon Green Lab award, which funded the recently unveiled STEAM Innovation Lab at NEIU El Centro.


The STEAM Innovation Lab at Northeastern Illinois University will provide Latinx middle and high school students access to STEAM learning and hands-on research opportunities after school. This program, run by NEIU's STEAM Pathways project at the El Centro campus, will engage students in studying environmental sustainability and agricultural technology using real-world tools like sensors and microcontrollers. Students will explore the connections among food, water, and computer science.


This funding has developed a cutting-edge lab space at the El Centro campus. The lab will give the expanded NEIU community a place for STEAM learning and experimentation. The goal is to increase participation in STEAM fields for students at the El NEIU Centro campus.


Grant partners also joining NEIU in benefiting from this educational support opportunity include NEIU El Centro, the Griffin Museum of Science & Industry, and NEIU STEAM Pathways Initiatives of the Center for College Access and Success. 


NEIU Dual Enrollment

Summer/Fall 2024






Free College Classes for High School 



Northeastern Illinois University’s College of Arts and Sciences is offering a great opportunity for high school students to get an early college experience, supported by scholarships! Experience college class rigor at NEIU this summer and/ or fall as a high school student.


Dual Enrollment Overview


You’ll earn 3 credits on a NEIU transcript (and are widely transferable to many other institutions). You’ll be taking a real college course with NEIU students, supported by NEIU advisors and staff to optimize your success; and you will have access to the library and student services like any other NEIU student. You’ll connect with other motivated high school students from around the city

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