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Get a Jump Start on College - Earn Free Credit at NEIU!

College Classes for High School Students

Northeastern Illinois University’s College of Arts and Sciences is offering a great opportunity for high school students to get an early college experience, supported

by scholarships! 


Experience college class rigor at NEIU this spring as a high school student.

Dual Enrollment Overview 

You’ll earn 3 credits on a NEIU transcript (and are widely

transferable to many other institutions). You’ll be taking a

real college course with NEIU students, supported by NEIU

advisors and staff to optimize your success; and you can get

a student ID giving you all the privileges of any other NEIU

student: access to the library, the gym, student services, and more! You’ll connect with other motivated high school students from around the city.

Tuition and Fees 

Dual Enrollment Program students receive a NEIU scholarship waiver to cover the cost of attendance for

one class (tuition and fees for a 3 credit hour class as

an Undergraduate Student-At-Large is $1,516).


Students are responsible for their own classroom fees/books/materials. They are not covered by the

NEIU scholarship waiver.

Spring 2023 Dual Enrollment Classes


View the complete course lists and descriptions in

the link below.


  • High school students who have completed 10th grade in good standing. Priority will be given to seniors attending NEIU in Fall 2023.

  • ​Minimum cumulative unweighted grade point average ​of 2.85

  • ​At least 80% attendance

  • Signed recommendation form from the principal or guidance counselor

  • Apply to NEIU admission

  • ​Official transcript

  • ​Parental Consent Form

  • ​Student and parent/legal guardian must participate in​ a mandatory orientation.

Apply for NEIU Admission

Complete student info form linked below by

October 31, 2022. Some late inquiries may be

considered, but scholarships and space in classes

are limited.


Once submitted, an NEIU CCAS staff member

will contact you to submit required documents

(due 11/6/22). After document review, approved

students will be sent a link to apply as an NEIU Undergraduate Student-At-Large (due 11/15/22)


Registration is
now closed!

Spring 2023 Schedule


January 17, 2023 - May 13, 2023

Contact Us

For More Information About Admission and How to Apply, Please Contact:


Willie Correa

Program Coordinator

(773) 234-8396

Important Information

Guidelines for Registering for Classes

Students approved to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program will work closely with the NEIU Center for College Access and Success for support. He or she will ensure appropriate course selection and will guide students through the registration and start of term process. Students are only permitted to enroll in courses approved by the university for the dual enrollment program. 

Eligibility for Continued Enrollment

A student must successfully complete the term earning a grade of C or better in all coursework to be eligible for continued enrollment. A term or cumulative grade point average that falls below a 2.0 may result in dismissal from the program. Students may withdraw from a course within the designated time frame with the approval of NEIU's Center for College Access and Success representative.

Failure to officially withdraw or drop classes will result in the assignment of an “F” (failure) grade.

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