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Northeastern Illinois University's Center for College Access and Success creates support systems for
first-generation students, their families, and their schools to make their dream of a college education a reality.

New Acting Senior Director


Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that Janet Peeler-Jones has accepted the position of Acting Senior Director for the Center for College Access and Success (CCAS). This critical position reports to the Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and is responsible for overseeing the development, operations and assessment of CCAS.

Northeastern Illinois University's CCAS is the largest school improvement organization in Chicago. Founded in 1978, the Center develops collaborative partnerships that engage the entire community to help students succeed academically and socially. CCAS brings together teachers, parents and administrators, and staff from community agencies, universities, arts and cultural organizations, and businesses to share knowledge and resources.

Janet Peeler-Jones has partnered with public and private organizations as an advocate for change in educational initiatives that provide equitable access to resources and improve the personal and professional journeys of students and families. With nearly 20 years of service to CCAS, her contributions as a Program Specialist, Project Manager/Director, and most recently as the Interim Assistant Director of CCAS, have supported multiple grant projects throughout Chicago metropolitan area school communities. Janet has created various pathways for possibilities in early education, college and career readiness, after-school programming, family and community engagement, teachers’ professional development, and endorsement credentialing for students, families, and educators. Moreover, Janet has established financial, operational and programmatic infrastructures to stabilize CCAS policies and procedures that have sustained the organization's legacy of providing culturally relevant opportunities for students and families seeking academic success to fulfill career goals.


R. Shayne Cofer

Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Northeastern Illinois University


Janet Peeler-Jones 
CCAS Acting Senior Director

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