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The CenterSpace | Maker Space is an organized and efficient work space dedicated to expanding the making experience.


Your Learning and Making Center


The CenterSpace is our hub for linking educators with new technologies used in the classroom. We have created an inquiry-based and connected learning environment that inspire creative problem-solving and making. We are open five days a week for all educators, students and community members that need a place to work on classroom projects, meet with other teachers or join one of our many workshops.


The CenterSpace brings multigenerational and diverse abilities individuals from all walks of life together to provide

a safe, inclusive,communal learning space to accommodate new ideas using multimedia forms of interaction including but not limited to the concepts of STEAM and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theories but also addressing the cultural, historical and socio-economical aspects that often traditional and binary (college/trade school) methodologies of education may overlook. It is a space for workshops, public art and community events aimed at bringing educators, students and families and community members at large, in specific instances, together to learn, create and collaborate.


Our CenterSpace’s Mission? 


The mission for the CenterSpace is to first and foremost honor the artist and educator within us all regardless of formal training and educational experience reinforcing the maker mindset of creating. It is a safe space that aims to provide the tools and instruction (both hands-on and background i.e origins of activity, etc) to learn to create. We aim to provide hands-on learning, concept exploration while fostering critical thinking skills and even boost self confidence.

Contact Us

For More Information, Please Contact:


Juan Manuel Lopez

CenterSpace Manager

       (312) 563-7208

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