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Contribute to NEIU’s Center for College Access and Success and Support Young People Throughout Chicagoland

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On November 29, 2022 NEIU CCAS will participate in this international day of giving.


Northeastern Illinois University's Center for College Access and Success (CCAS) has been a leader in equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices for over 80,000 students, their families, educators, schools, and communities. Over the past 44 years, we have committed to achieving equity for the communities we serve.


The goals and objectives of every single CCAS program are meant to increase diversity, eradicate equity gaps, and create inclusive practices in educational spaces, specifically for Black and Latinx communities within the Chicagoland area. We lead multiple programs, partnered with school districts (Chicago Public Schools, Cicero-Berwyn District, Niles Township), universities, businesses, and community-based organizations to improve academic preparation and increase college and career awareness and readiness.

CCAS Theory of Change: 

IF the Northeastern Illinois University’s Center for College Access and Success advocates for a culturally relevant, holistic approach to engage students, families, educators, and schools AND leads with a shared mission and vision to: 1. build collaborative relationships and partnerships to maximize impact; and 2. innovate and disseminate best practice models in collaboration with educators to support students and families for postsecondary success inclusive

of career development and civic engagement, THEN students will have access to equitable teaching and learning communities where they will be supported to learn, grow, and thrive.


Northeastern Illinois University is a vibrant learning and research community, serving thousands of students and community members with world-class degree programs and continuing education. 

We strive to provide unique educational experiences,

wrap-around support services and in-demand degrees taught by top-tier educators. Our students graduate with

the least amount of debt, prepared and ready for for the workforce. Your support allows the university to stand in

the gap and get students to the finish line. 


Read more about the nearly 25 campaigns run by our programs and departments, and support today!

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Thanks for Your Donation.

Our Giving Tuesday campaign is now over.

For more information, please contact:

Irma A. Ortiz

Senior Director, Center for College Access and Success

Lead Director, NEIU Dual Enrollment/Credit 

Director, Title V - NEIU Individual Grant

(773) 442-4735

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